Monday, 6 August 2018

Generation 2: Feeling Closer

I started looking at my parents documents. I loved looking at my mums documents, I have seen them numerous times and I have all the tenancy agreements from the homes she lived in as a child. I can plot where she's lived from the moment she was born until she moved into the home I lived in all my life. But for my dad it was completely different I had nothing of his.

But this week I was clearing out a storage box that needed to get thrown away. It was there I found two gems! (Not literal but genealogy gems). I found his records from the Royal Air Force and his school report from his secondary school. I loved seeing about my dads service, although he didn't serve in a war, he had exemplary service. But for me the biggest thing was the school report. My Nanna who had passed away before I was born had signed it numerous times to say that she had signed it numerous times to say she had read the report. I have never seen my Nanna's handwriting before as she had died before I was born so I never got a birthday or Christmas card from her. These evoked powerful emotions in me and it's something I'll treasure always.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

52 Ancestors: Week 31 - Oldest

For me when I heard this I thought about the oldest picture I have. It is so old it is not even on paper but something that feels like a board. The picture is of a young boy who is looking at the photographer side on. It was in a collection of pictures my Nanna had that we where sorting through when she had to move. She told me it was Francis Fitzpatrick but she couldn't remember how Francis was related. It made me want to search and discover Francis' story. Francis is not on any of my family's trees from other relatives who've done the family tree. I found out about him and his story is heartbreaking. 

Francis is my great-grandmother's brother. Francis was born in June 1921 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England to Michael and Mary Fitzpatrick. The only records  I was able to find of him was his name and mothers maiden name on the birth register, name and age on the death and his name, burial date and location of death on a burial register in January 1923. He was buried He died in a local children's hospital so I plan to look at the register, I also hope to find his baptism register as well. Although I don't have much information on Francis at least I have a picture of him and I'm thankful for that. I now intend to share his story with other relatives after I have viewed the death register from hospital he died in and find his baptism record. 

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

52 Ancestors

I'll be starting the 52 ancestors challenge by Amy Johnson Crow. Unfortunately it is 30 weeks in. So I will be starting with week 31 and once I've finished I'll go back to the beginning and do numbers 1 - 31. The idea is that there is a blog post written from the prompt that has been given. It can be about any ancestor direct or non direct, whatever you chose. The idea behind it is to get me writing about my family tree on a weekly basis.

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Generation 1: Starting Off With Me

When starting off with my family history I started with me. At first I felt a bit deflated when doing it. I had so many facts to add. I've not been married, I've not moved, I've not been in the military. I just shrugged it off and carried on with my search for ancestors but when I was researching my parents I noticed I was putting in facts about my parents when I could have put similar facts in for me.

I was putting in my parents religious sacraments that they had participated in. With my religion I had participated in two sacraments which I could put in.

With my parents I was putting in their education. I had been in education since I was 4 and next year I would be completing a Bachelors degree in history.

So I did have more than just a name and date of birth to put under me. I was so excited filling in the details. I just needed to dig a little deeper like I do with my ancestors. I learnt never to leave myself out when researching.